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GCN Circular 5226

SALT spectroscopy of GRB 060605
2006-06-06T09:25:56Z (18 years ago)
Martin Still at S.African Astro Obs <>
M. Still. A. Kniazev, E. Romero-Colmenero, Y. Hashimoto, N. Loaring,  
P. Vaisanen,
D. Buckley, P. Charles, D. O'Donoghue (SAAO), K. Nordsieck, E. Burgh  
D. Reichart (N. Carolina)

The 10-m Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), currently  
undergoing Performance-
Verification, observed the afterglow of GRB 060605 (Page et al.; GCN  
5221) on Jun 6, 2006
at 00:53 UT with the Robert Stobie Spectrograph. The Lyman limit was  
detected at 4300
Angstroms. We can therefore verify that the absorption feature  
reported by Schmidt (GCN
5223) is indeed Ly alpha, which we centroid at 5720 Angstroms. This  
line and the Ly limit
indicate that the  source redshift is z = 3.7.
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