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GCN Circular 5269

GRB050124: Possible Host Galaxy
2006-06-16T21:28:50Z (18 years ago)
Leonardo Pellizza at CEA/Saclay <>
L.J. Pellizza (CEA Saclay, France & IAFE, Argentina), P.-A.
Duc (CEA Saclay, France), E. Le Floc'h (Steward Obs., USA),
& I.F. Mirabel (ESO), on behalf of the MISTICI

We imaged the field of GRB 050124 (Markwardt et al. 2005,
GCN 2972) on April 29, 2005 and May 10, 2005. R (10 x 308
seconds) and Ks (42 x 60 seconds) frames were obtained
respectively with FORS1 and ISAAC at VLT. In the combined
R image we detect a single object within the revised XRT
error circle (Moretti et al. 2006, A&A, 448, L9), down to
our limiting magnitude R_lim ~ 26. No object is detected
in our combined Ks image down to a limiting magnitude
Ks_lim ~ 21. The position of the possible host galaxy is
RA(J2000) = 12:51:30.45, DEC(J2000) = +13:02:43.0 (0.2
arcsec error). Its magnitude is R = 23.9 (uncertainty
~0.5 mag). Astrometry was performed using USNO B1.0 stars,
while photometry was calibrated against 2MASS and USNO
B1.0 (second epoch) magnitudes.
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