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GCN Circular 5272

GRB060614: Optical observations
2006-06-18T14:41:30Z (18 years ago)
Johan U. Fynbo at U.Copenhagen <>
Christina C. Thoene, Johan P.U. Fynbo, Brian L. Jensen, J. Hjorth, D. Xu
(DARK Cosmology Centre), Uffe G.  Joergensen, Kristian Woller
(NBI Copenhagen) report:

We observed the OT of GRB060614 (GCN 5252) with the Danish 1.54m telescope and
DFOSC on La Silla in the R-band at several epochs on June 15-18. A fit to our
data leads to a powerlaw decay with a temporal decay index of 1.50.  Compared to
other data reported in the GCNs is seems that the afterglow in the R-band had a rising
lightcurve during the first about 12 hours after the burst and then started the
more regular powerlaw decay. In this way the burst qualitatively resemples
GRB970508 (Pedersen et al. 1998, ApJ 496, 311).

A plot of the data and fit is available at:
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