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GCN Circular 535

GRB 000201: TAROT optical observations
2000-02-08T17:49:02Z (24 years ago)
Michel Boer at CESR-CNRS <>
M. Boer, J.L. Atteia, A. Klotz, CESR/CNRS communicates:

TAROT has imaged the position of  BATSE trigger 7976 on Feb. 1, 2000, at
03:02UT. A transient source appears at T0 + 55min, consistent with the
BATSE LOCBURST and the IPN positions (K. Hurley, private communication).
No prior image of this source has been acquired, because it is too far
from the BATSE FINAL position. The source is at the following 2000.0
position: 9h 16m 08.8 +18d 06' 13", +-5" and its apparent unfiltered
magnitude is 15 +-1. We could not see it on subsequent frames taken at
least 30 min after. We  warn potential observers that a high background
of unidentified transient sources has been observed in this region,
though it is the only one in the IPN error box. The TAROT image is at
the following URL:

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