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GCN Circular 5533

GRB 060906: FRAM observations - flash determination (airplane)
2006-09-06T11:31:54Z (18 years ago)
Petr Kubanek at AIO <>
P.Kubanek (AsU AV CR Ondrejov, ISDC Versoix) reports:

The object mentioned in GCN Circ.5530 is:

- outside XRT and BAT location
- show second object roughly 10 arcmin apart (~27m @ 10km)

so it is most probably airplane. This object is not related to GRB 060906.

I apologize for error in position determination - I forget to switch from BAT arcmin error box to XRT arcsec error box when I plot localizations. I thank to S.B.Cenko for pointing that out.
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