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GCN Circular 5593

GRB060923C: Faulkes Telescope North optical observations
2006-09-23T15:21:20Z (18 years ago)
Andreja Gomboc at LT,ARI,Liverpool JMU <>
A. Gomboc (University of Ljubljana), C. Guidorzi (Univ Bicocca &
INAF-OAB), A. Melandri, I.A. Steele, R.J. Smith, C.G. Mundell, A. Monfardini, 
D. Carter, S. Kobayashi, D. Bersier, M. Bode (Liverpool JMU), P. O'Brien, 
E. Rol, N. Bannister (Leicester) report:

The 2m Faulkes North Telescope (Hawaii) automatically reacted to 
the Swift burst GRB060923C (trigger 230711, Stamatikos et al. GCN 5591). 

Observations started about 4.2 min after the trigger time and were
performed in R and i' bands. From the stacked images we do not detect 
any new source down to:

Filter  Start(min from GRB)   End(min from GRB)   TotExp(s)      Lim
R       4.22                   20.00                220          19.0
i'      6.52                   22.70                220          17.5
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