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GCN Circular 5614

GRB060926 OPTIMA-Burst optical observation
2006-09-26T17:47:29Z (18 years ago)
Alexander Stefanescu at MPE <>
A. Stefanescu, F.Schrey, S. Duscha, G. Kanbach, M. Muehlegger, N.
Primak, H. Steinle (MPE Garching) of the OPTIMA-Burst Team report the

"OPTIMA-Burst at the 1.3m Skinakas Observatory, of the University of
Crete, Greece observed the Swift XRT-errorcircle of GRB 060926 (GCN Circ 
5612, S.T. Holland et al.) at 17:19UT (36 min after the Burst, 
We detected a faint source at the UVOT-Position (GCN Circular #5612). We
estimate the brightness of this source in a 10 min R-Band image as
19.5+-.1mag. There is no source at this position in the USNO-A2 Catalog, 
and no minor planet according to MPChecker."
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