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GCN Circular 5693

GRB 061004: Nearby 2MASS Galaxy
2006-10-04T23:41:40Z (17 years ago)
Derek Fox at PSU <>
D.B. Fox (Penn State) reports:

"I note the presence of a 2MASS galaxy, 2MASX J06310985-4554013, at 23
arcsec distance from the XRT position for GRB 061004 (Ziaeepour et
al., GCN 5691).  Estimated magnitudes of the host galaxy from the
2MASS catalog, via NED, are: J=15.17(24) mag, H=14.72(35) mag, and
Ks=13.60(22) mag (uncertainties in the least significant digits are
given in parentheses).  The proximity of this galaxy to the X-ray
afterglow may be interesting in light of the relatively short 6-s
duration of GRB 061004."
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