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GCN Circular 58

GRB980326 X-ray Observations
1998-04-23T22:05:05Z (26 years ago)
Frank Marshall at GSFC <>
F.E. Marshall (Goddard Space Flight Center) and T. Takeshima
(USRA at GSFC) report:

X-ray emission from GRB980326 was not detected during two observations with the 
Proportional Counter Array (PCA) on the Rossi X-ray Timing
Explorer (RXTE). The first observation began at 05h31m UT
on March 27th (about 8.2 hours after the burst) and lasted about
1850 s. The second observation began 12 days later and lasted about
1600 s. During both observations, the PCA alternated between
viewing the GRB and a nearby background region. Assuming that
any X-ray afterglow was negligible during the second observation
and that there were no other variable sources in the field-of-view,
the observed change in counting rate from the direction of the 
apparent optical counterpart of the GRB (IAUC 6852) of 
-0.03 +/- 0.15 (90% confidence) counts/sec/detector is a measure of the
intensity of the X-ray afterglow 8.5 hours after the burst. An upper limit of
0.15 counts/sec/detector corresponds to a flux of 1.6e-12 ergs/s/cm**2 
in the 2-10 keV band for an assumed Crab-like spectrum.

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