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GCN Circular 5816

GRB 061110B: NIR Observations
2006-11-12T15:53:17Z (17 years ago)
Adria C. Updike at Clemson U <>
A. C. Updike, B. C. Donehew, S. D. Brittain, D. H. Hartmann, and A. L.
Homewood (Clemson University) report on behalf of the Clemson GRB
Follow-up team:

We observed GRB 061110B using the Kitt Peak 2.1m telescope and FLAMINGOS. 
Observations began in the J band 3 hours and 32 minutes after the burst
trigger (238174), and consisted of 34 x 120s images.

We detect no new sources at the position noted by A. Melandri (GCN 5804)
or within the XRT error box.  Our limiting J-band magnitude (with respect
to the 2MASS catalog) was 18.4 +/- .2 magnitudes.

The Clemson University GRB Response Site can be found at:

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[GCN OPS NOTE(13nov06): Per author's request, "B. Donahue" was changed
to "B. C. Donehew".]
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