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GCN Circular 5880

GRB 061201: Coincidence with a Galaxy Cluster
2006-12-01T16:23:13Z (17 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley) notes:

"We note that this apparent short burst GRB (Swift trigger 241840)  
was localized to within 10 arcmin of a known cluster of galaxies  
(J2000 center = 22h09m34s, -74d27.3m, Abell 995; Abell et al. ApJS,  
1989). Though no redshift is known for this galaxy cluster and the  
GRB has not (as of yet) been associated with a member of this  
cluster, we suggest, tentatively, that GRB 061201 has arisen from  
what is likely a relatively low redshift (z < 0.3). The XRT position  
appears consistent with the outskirts of a faint galaxy detected in  
the DSS."

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