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GCN Circular 5925

GRB 061210: MDM Follow-up Observation
2006-12-15T01:56:04Z (17 years ago)
Nestor Mirabal at Columbia U <>
N. Mirabal, J. P. Halpern, & J. Corby (Columbia U.) report on behalf
of the MDM Observatory GRB follow-up team:

"Following our initial observation of the entire Swift BAT error circle
(GCN 5906), we continued observing the XRT candidates of short GRB 061210
(Godet et al., GCN 5921) using V, R and I filters on the MDM 1.3m
telescope on Dec. 12-13 UT.  In a summed 60-minute exposure centered
at Dec. 13 09:03 UT, we clearly detect the extended galaxy
candidate "S2-G2" reported by Berger (GCN 5922) at coordinates
RA(J2000) = 09:38:05.3, Dec(J2000) = 15:37:18.9 (+/- 0.5''). Preliminary
photometry yields R ~ 20.9 +/- 0.2 in comparison with the USNO-B1.0
catalog, which is consistent with the value reported by Berger. As an 
aside, we
note the relative high concentration of optical galaxies toward
RA(J2000) = 09:37:52.5, Dec(J2000) = 15:36:24.9 that should be tested as
a possible galaxy cluster host of this short GRB.

This message may be cited."
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