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GCN Circular 593

GRB000301C OT candidate optical observations
2000-03-05T22:05:02Z (24 years ago)
Elia Leibowitz at Wise Obs, Tel Aviv U <>
A. Gal-Yam, E. Ofek, D. Maoz and E.M. Leibowitz, Wise Observatory, Tel Aviv
 University, Israel, report:

 Using the Wise Observatory 1-m telescope and the observatory new SiTe CCD
 camera, we obtained on March 4 two 900 sec and one 1800 sec exposures through
 an R filter, and one 1800 sec V exposure, of the GRB000301C OT candidate. The
 mean UT of the 3 R exposures is March 4.0799. The weighted mean R magnitude,
 measured relative to stars A-D of Garnavich et al. (GCN 573),
 is 20.573 +/- .06. The UT of the V image is March 4.1121, and the OT-ref*
 magnitude differences, with respect to stars A,B,C and D, are,
 respectively (+/-0.12): 2.356, 1.635, 1.342 and 3.683.

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