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GCN Circular 5965

GRB 061217: Magellan host galaxy redshift
2006-12-22T07:02:46Z (17 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger (Carnegie) reports:

"We obtained a 2100 sec spectrum of the putative host galaxy of the short 
GRB 061217 (GCN #5949).  We clearly detect the [OII]3727 and [OIII]5007 
emission lines at a redshift of z=0.827.  The relative faintness of the 
host and the higher redshift compared to early short GRBs provides 
additional support to the conclusion that a substantial fraction of short 
GRBs arise at z~1 (Berger et al. astro-ph/0611128).  At z=0.827 the 
isotropic-equivalent energy release of the burst is about 8e49 erg."
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