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GCN Circular 610

GRB000301C - R photometry
2000-03-11T19:13:11Z (24 years ago)
Christian Veillet at CFHT <>
The candidate for the optical transient (OT) associated with the gamma ray burst
GRB000301C has been observed in imaging mode with OSIS on the 3.6-m CFH
in the course of the French GRB follow-up program at CFHT (M. Boer, CESR,
C. Veillet, CFHT).

The OT has the following magnitude, using star A (GCN573) photometry (GCN583):

R = 23.02 +/- 0.10   2000 March 11.63 (UTC)

The power-law decay observed lately (after 4 days after the burst, as described
by Halpern et al. GCN604) can now be described with alpha = 2.1 +/- 0.1. 
Note that alpha is dependent on the choice of the start of the "new decay" and
on the inclusion or not of some of the measurements from Bernabei et

In case you read the introduction too fast, the instrument used is no longer
but OSIS. The detector is the same though (STIS2).
The new image is available at .

M. Pakkul is acknowledged for his help in this observation.

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