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GCN Circular 6102

GRB 070125 observations with the GMRT
2007-02-13T20:59:37Z (17 years ago)
Poonam Chandra at U Virginia/NRAO <>
Poonam Chandra (NRAO/UVA), Ishwara Chandra (NCRA, Pune) and Neeraj Gupta 
(NCRA, Pune) report:

"We used the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) to observe the field 
of view
toward GRB  070125 (GCN 6028) at a frequency of 610 MHz on 2007 January 
We put the 2-sigma upper limit of 300 uJy on the GRB flux density.

We thank the staff of the GMRT who made these observations possible. The 
GMRT is run
by the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of 
Fundamental Research."
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