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GCN Circular 6117

GRB 070220: Observation with the KANATA 1.5m telescope
2007-02-20T11:00:27Z (17 years ago)
Akira Arai at Hiroshima U <>
A. Arai, M. Uemura and T. Uehara (Hiroshima Univ.), 
report on behalf of the KANATA GRB team:

 We perfomed optical imaging of the field of GRB070220 (GCN 6114) at 
9:59-10:20 UT 20 Feb. using TRISPEC attached to the KANATA 
1.5-m telescope at Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory, Japan.  
We obtained 10 Rc-band images with a 123-s exposure time.  
The images were calibrated with neighbor stars 
in the USNO A2.0 catalog  (r mag ).

We cannot significantly detect the optical afterglow 
at the position of the X-ray afterglow reported in GCN 6114 in our images. 
The limit magnitude is estimated to be 21.2 (3-sigma).   

UT                      Limit mag in Rc    Exp. Time
Feb. 20.42381               21.2             123 * 10

$B9-EgBg3X(B $BBg3X1!M}3X8&5f2J(B
$BJ*M}2J3X@l96(B  $B9b%(%M%k%.!<1'Ch!&AGN3;R<B83(B
D1 $B?70f(B $B>4(B(Arai Akira)
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