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GCN Circular 6175

GRB 070306: ART-3 early optical and near infrared constraints
2007-03-07T04:25:57Z (17 years ago)
Ken ichi Torii at Osaka U <>
The error region of GRB 070306 (Pandey et al. GCN 6169; Page et
al. GCN 6172; Barthelmy et al. 6173) was observed with the ART-3a and
ART-3b under the partly cloudy condition.

 The imaging started at 2007 March 6, 16:43:00 UT (92 s after the
trigger) in Ic band (ART-3a), and at 16:43:24 UT (116 s after the trigger)
in J band (ART-3b). We do not detect neither optical nor near infrared
counterpart for the IR afterglow candidate (Rol et al. GCN
6174). From the useful data sets, we derive the following 3 sigma upper
limits for any new source within the XRT error region (GCN 6172),
relative to USNO-B1.0 I2 or 2MASS J magnitudes.

StartUT         Filter  Limit   Exposure
16:52:28        Ic      17.3    60s x 7
16:48:28        J       13.3    20s x 121
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