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GCN Circular 6236

GRB 070330, SMARTS optical/IR observations
2007-03-31T18:03:40Z (17 years ago)
Bethany Cobb at Yale U <>
B. E. Cobb, part of the larger SMARTS consortium, reports:

Using the ANDICAM instrument on the 1.3m telescope at CTIO, we
obtained optical/IR imaging of the error region of GRB 070330
(Grupe et al. GCN 6232) with a mid-exposure time of ~7.6 hours
post-burst (2007-03-31 06:25 UT).  Total summed exposure
times amounted to 36 minutes in I and 30 minutes in J.

No source is detected at the position of the X-ray
afterglow (Grupe et al. GCN 6234) to approximate
limiting magnitudes of I > 20.5 and J > 18.6. Magnitudes
are calibrated using USNO-B1.0 values for I, and 2MASS 
values for J.
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