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GCN Circular 6247

GRB 070406: Swift detection of a burst
2007-04-06T21:00:11Z (17 years ago)
David Palmer at LANL <>
J. R. Cummings (NASA/UMBC), J. A. Kennea (PSU),
W. B. Landsman (NASA/GSFC), K. L. Page (U Leicester),
D. M. Palmer (LANL), M. Stamatikos (NASA/ORAU) and
E. Troja (INAF-IASFPA) report on behalf of the Swift Team:

At 00:50:40 UT, BAT triggered and located GRB 070406 
(Trigger #274153) as a sub-threshold (6.4 sigma) peak 
in a 0.256 second image.  Subsequent ground analysis 
optimized the detection to a confident 8.3 sigma, at the 
location: RA, dec 198.956, +16.529d (J2000), which is
  RA(J2000)  +13h 15m 49s
  dec(J2000) +16d 31' 46"
with an uncertainty of 3 arcmin (radius, 90% containment, 
including  systematic uncertainty).  The burst is ~0.7 seconds 
long with a double-peaked profile, with a peak 
count rate of 1200 counts/s. 

Because the burst was sub-threshold on-board,
Swift did not automatically slew to the GRB location. 
However a Target Of Opportunity (ToO) observation
is currently being prepared with a 60 kilosecond
observation beginning ~2200 UT.
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