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GCN Circular 6264

Suzaku ToO observation of SGR 1806-20
2007-04-10T09:45:07Z (17 years ago)
Yujin E. Nakagawa at Aoyama Gakuin U <>
Y. E. Nakagawa, K. Yamaoka, A. Yoshida, S. Sugita (Aoyama Gakuin U.),
T. Mihara (RIKEN), M. Suzuki (ISAS/JAXA),
T. Murakami, D. Yonetoku (Kanazawa U.), M. Nakajima (Nihon U.),
M. Tashiro (Saitama U.), and K. Nakazawa (Univ. of Tokyo) report:

The Suzaku ToO Observation was conducted on SGR 1806-20 with the
narrow field instruments (XIS and HXD) from 15:08:00 on March 30
2007 to 01:30:19 on March 31. Its net exposure was about 20 ks.
This object showed a long burst at 00:24:08 on March 26 2007 which
was detected by the Konus-Wind and the Suzaku-WAM instruments
(Golenetskii et al., GCN 6228).

No bright burst was observable in the light curve during the ToO
observation. The preliminary analyses showed that the flux of the
steady emission in 2-10 keV was about 8.8 x 10^-12 ergs cm^2 s^-1.
By the quick-look analyses with the XIS data, the average spectrum
is well fitted by a single power-law model of the photon index of
~ 2.1 with an interstellar absorption column of ~ 7 x 10^22 cm^-2,
as well as a two blackbody function is acceptable.

We would like to thank the Suzaku team for the immediate ToO
observation and the data processing.
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