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GCN Circular 629

GRB000408: Optical CCD Observations from MIRO
2000-04-10T07:06:08Z (24 years ago)
Kiran S Baliyan at Physical Research Lab, Ahmedabad,India <>
K.S. Baliyan, U.C. Joshi, S. Mondal, S. Chandrasekhar, J.K. Jain
   and B.G. Anandrao (MIRO-PRL, Ahmedabad, India) report:
   Optical afterglow follow up observations of the grb000408 were
   made covering IPN error box (GCN 626) on April 9, 2000, beginning
   16:15 UT. The 1024*1024 CCD (FOV 6'*6') mounted on 1.2 M IR
   telescope at Mt Abu IR Observatory, operated by Physical Research 
   Laboratory, Ahmedabad- India, was used to get 600 seconds
   exposures each in V and I filters at each location covering the 
   error box. 
   The data analysis is in progress and an image will be put on the
   laboratory web page when available. We also intend to continue
   observations of the optical counterpart tonight as well.
   This message may be cited.
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