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GCN Circular 6608

INTEGRAL GRB 070707 is a short hard burst
2007-07-08T00:24:38Z (17 years ago)
Diego Gotz at IASF-CNR <>
D. Gotz (CEA Saclay), V. Beckmann (ISDC, Versoix), S. Mereghetti, and
A. Paizis (IASF, Milano) on behalf of the IBAS localization Team report:

A refined analysis of GRB 070707 shows that it is composed by a single
spike lasting about 1.1 s, and its spectrum can be well fit with a power
law of slope 1.4, indicating a rather hard spectrum.

Its refined position is

R.A. (J2000): 267.7506 [degrees]
DEC. (J2000): -68.9144 [degrees]

with an uncertainty of 2.1 arcmin (90% c.l.)

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