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GCN Circular 6661

GRB 070724: Closer association with DSS source
2007-07-24T19:07:24Z (17 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom and N. R. Butler (UC Berkeley) remark:

"The updated XRT position of GRB 070724 from Page & Ziaeepour (GCN  
#6659), puts the GRB afterglow closer to the proposed low redshift  
host (Bloom GCN #6658) seen in the DSS. We emphasize that the galaxy  
nature of this source has yet to be confirmed; yet, the small offset  
(<~ 2") is reminiscent of the SHB 050709 (Fox et al. Nature, 437,  
845, 2005) and SHB 051221 (Soderberg et al. ApJ, 650, 261, 2006)  
configurations (see Bloom & Prochaska for an early SHB-host offsets  
review; AIP Conf. Proc. 838, 473, 2006)." An updated finder can now  
be found at:

We thank Massimiliano de Pasquale for helpful conversations about the  
UVOT imaging.

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