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GCN Circular 690

GRB 000604 optical observations
2000-06-07T14:09:10Z (24 years ago)
Elia Leibowitz at Wise Obs, Tel Aviv U <>
E.M. Leibowitz, E. Ofek, J. Dunn and P. Ibbetson report:
 On 2000 June 06.7577 we obtained a 600 sec unfiltered exposure of the
 GRB000604 area, with the direct imaging mode of the FOSC camera, attached to
 the 1-m telecope of the Wise Observatory. A star image, which has no
 counterpart either on the Red or on the Blue DSS_II plates, is apparent at
 (J2000)  R.A.=15:35:54.67  Dec=+10:41:21.5, as measured relative to 126
 USNO-A2.0 stars. The stellar image lies outside the preliminary 3 Sigma Gamma
 ray error box (Hurley et al GCN 687), some 110 arcsec East of the nominal
 position of the burst. On our unfiltered image, the stellar looking object is
 0.2 mag fainter than star A, seen on the DSS plate at  R.A.=15:35:53.59
 Dec=+10:41:21.5, and 0.35 mag. fainter than star B at  R.A.=15:35:54.96
 Dec=10:40:32.4. Image is posted at
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