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GCN Circular 6961

GRB 071021 : Lulin R-band limit
2007-10-21T15:12:26Z (17 years ago)
Kuiyun Huang at ASIAA <>
W.S. Hsiao, H.C. Lin , Y.H. Lee, Y. Urata, K.Y. Huang on behalf of the
EAFON team

The B,V,R band observations for GRB 071021 field with Lulin 1-m
telescope started at 1.38 hours after the burst. No source was found
at XRT position (Sakamoto et al.; GCN 6958) and optical candidate
position (Guidorzi et al.; GCN 6959) in our combined images. The
R-band limiting magnitude, compared with several USNOB stars, is about
20.4 at 1.87 hours after the burst . This result suggests that the
fading optical source reported by Guidorzi et al. (GCN 6959) is the
optical afterglow of GRB 071021.

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[GCN OPS NOTE(22oct07): Per author's request, "Golenetskii et al.; GCN 6959"
was changed to "Guidorzi et al.; GCN 6959".]
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