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GCN Circular 6982

Possible radio detection of GRB 071021 with the VLA
2007-10-23T13:36:22Z (16 years ago)
Poonam Chandra at U Virginia/NRAO <>
P. Chandra (UVA/NRAO) and D. A. Frail (NRAO) report on behalf of the
Caltech-NRAO-Carnegie GRB Collaboration:

"We observed the field centered on the XRT position of the Swift burst
GRB 071021 (GCN 6958) using the VLA at a frequency of 8.46 GHz.
The observations were taken at a mean time of 06.11 UT on 23nd Oct 07.
We detect possible radio afterglow of GRB 071021 in agreement with NIR
position (GCN # 6971) and the Swift-XRT afterglow position (GCN # 6963).
Our 3-sigma detection yields the flux value of 149+/-44 uJy at the
following position:
RA(J2000)   22 42 34.25
Dec(J2000) +23 43 06.36

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National
Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated
Universities, Inc."
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