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GCN Circular 7003

GRB 071025: SQIID JHK photometry
2007-10-25T22:43:19Z (16 years ago)
Xiaohui Fan at U of Arizona <>
L. Jiang, F. Bian, X. Fan (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)

Using the Simultaneous Quad Infrared Imaging Device (SQIID) on the Kitt
Peak Mayall 4-meter Telescope, we observed GRB 071025 in J, H, K bands
simultaneously, beginnig at UT 2007-10-25-05:56:59. With total exposure
time of 240 sec in all three bands, we clearly detected the afterglow.
Calibrated using local 2MASS sources, the object is at

 J=17.34 +/- 0.05
 H=16.37 +/- 0.05
 K=15.45 +/- 0.05

The photometric errors are dominated by the zeropoint uncertainties from our
 calibration procedure. The photon noise on the measuremens is <0.01.

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Steward Observatory
The University of Arizona
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