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GCN Circular 7037

GRB071101: Optical and NIR upper limits by KANATA
2007-11-02T13:46:56Z (17 years ago)
Makoto Uemura at Hiroshima U <>
M. Uemura, A. Arai, and T. Uehara (Hiroshima Univ.), report 
on behalf of the KANATA GRB team:

  We performed optical-NIR observations of the field of 
GRB 071101 (GCN Circ. 7030) with TRISPEC attached to 
the "KANATA" 1.5-m telescope.  
Our images cover about 70% of the south region of the BAT errorbox, 
in which the nearby galaxy reported in GCN Circ. 7031 is not 
included and the region of the XRT error circle (GCN Circ. 7034) 
is included.

  No fading source or afterglow candidate can significantly 
be detected in the XRT error circle. 
Upper limits of magnitude were estimated from neighbor 
USNO B1.0 stars and 2MASS sources, shown below:

time(UT)     time after the burst  lim. mag. exposure_time
1 Nov. 2007      (sec)                          (sec)
17:57:36          229              19.7(V)        30
17:57:33          226              17.0(J)        24
17:57:27          220              14.8(Ks)       12
18:16:25         1358              20.8(V)       123
18:16:24         1357              18.0(J)       120
18:16:16         1349              15.5(Ks)      108
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