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GCN Circular 7073

GRB 071112B: Gemini Optical Imaging
2007-11-13T02:17:03Z (17 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom, D. Kocevski (UC Berkeley), and H.-W. Chen report:

"We obtained target of opportunity imaging of the field of SHB  
071112B (Perri et al. GCN 7058; Fenimore et al. 7071) on Gemini South  
after twilight.  Several images of 15 sec and 180 sec were obtained  
as the sky darkened. Inspection of a single 180 sec image in r band  
(start =  2007-11-13 00:51:17.5 UTC) did not reveal a bright new  
source when compared to DSS2 (Red) inside the reported XRT error  
circle, although we do note a very weak candidate near the DSS limit  
at (J2000):

RA: 17:21:15.62
DEC: -80:53:50

We make no claims to variability nor newness at this time, but  
further Gemini observations are planned."

We thank Ruben Diaz and the entire Gemini staff for assistance in  
taking this data.
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