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GCN Circular 7105

GRB 071117: Gemini Observations
2007-11-18T03:42:39Z (17 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley), on behalf of the Gemini GRB collaboration,  

"Imaging observations of the field of GRB 071117 (Ukwatta et al., GCN  
7098) were autonomously queued for Gemini South as part of the  
program GS-2007B-Q-2  (PI = H.-W. Chen). Starting at 2007 Nov 18  
00h24m UT, we obtained 5 x 180 sec images in r-band. Within the  
revised XRT error circle (Guidorzi et al. GCN 7103) we find one  
source (s1) at position:

   s1:   ra=  22:20:10.63  dec = -63:26:33.7  (J2000)

The uncertainty is 350 mas in each coordinate (relative to USNO  
B1.0). This source, s1, is roughly R=23.3 mag at the time of  
observation (based upon the USNO B.10 catalog magnitude of the source  
at 22:20:13.33 -63:26:32.9).  There is another source straddling the  
90% error circle, embedded in an apparent faint extension to the  
southeast at:

   s2:   ra= 22:20:10.42  dec = -63:26:35.5 (J2000)

Further observations will be required to determine if either of these  
sources are variable."

A finder may be obtained at:

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