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GCN Circular 7124

GRB071122: Gemini Absorption redshift
2007-11-22T06:36:13Z (17 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at PSU <>
A. Cucchiara, D. B. Fox (Penn State) and S. B. Cenko (Caltech)
on behalf of a large collaboration:

Starting on 2007 November 22.19 UT we used the GMOS spectrograph on
the Gemini North telescope to obtain two spectra of 900 each of the
optical afterglow of GRB071122 (GCN 7121, 7123).
The spectrum covers the wavelength range 5900-10000A.  We clearly
detect absorption features corresponding to MgII doublet, MgI, Ca H&K
at a redshift of z=1.14, which we identify as the redshift of the grb.
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