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GCN Circular 7165

Optical Spectroscopy of the Transient in NGC 2770
2008-01-11T15:25:19Z (16 years ago)
Alicia Soderberg at Caltech <>
A. Soderberg, E. Berger (Princeton), D. Fox, A. Cucchiara (Penn State), A. 
Rau, E. Ofek, M. Kasliwal, and S. B. Cenko (Caltech) report on behalf of a 
large collaboration:

"We observed the optical counterpart to the X-ray transient in NGC 2770 
(GCNs 7159, 7160) with the Gemini-N/GMOS and Palomar 200-inch/COSMIC 
spectrographs beginning at Jan 11.3 UT.  The exposure times were 2x600 sec 
and 2x900 sec for the Gemini and Palomar data, respectively. A preliminary 
analysis of the reduced spectra reveals that the optical counterpart has a 
smooth, featureless continuum.  We note that there is some suggestion 
of a broad bump near 5500 Ang which may indicate the emergence of SN 

Further analysis is in progress."
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