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GCN Circular 7177

XRF 080109 in NGC2770: NIR observations at TNG
2008-01-13T13:36:46Z (16 years ago)
Angelo Antonelli at Obs. Astro. di Roma <>
L.A. Antonelli (INAF/OAR), S. Valenti (Universita'  di  Ferrara),  D. 
Fugazza (INAF/OABr), V. D'Elia (INAF/OAR), E. Maiorano (INAF/IASF Bo), 
A. Magazzu' and N. Pinilla-Alonso (INAF/TNG), report on behalf of the 
CIBO collaboration:

We imaged the field of the galaxy NGC 2770 with the Telescopio 
Nazionale Galileo (TNG) [La Palma (Canary Islands)] equipped with NICS 
in the J,H,K  bands. Observations were performed on 2008 Jan 11, 
starting at 05:04:25 UT  for a total exposure  time of about 360 s in 
each filter.

The source reported by Deng & Zhu (GCN 7160), Thoene et al. (GCN 7161) 
and D'Elia et al. (GCN7162), is clearly detected in all bands with the 
following magnitudes: J=16.60+-0.13, H=16.33+-0.12, K=16.09+-0.12 
extimated using the 2MASS catalogue.  TNG NIR measures are consistent
with those reported by Modjaz et al. (GCN 7175 ).

Further analysis is underway.

GCN OPS NOTE(15jan08):  Per author's request, the last sentence in the
second paragraph was added.]
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