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GCN Circular 7242

GRB 080130?: Detection of a possible burst by BATSS
2008-01-30T20:43:56Z (16 years ago)
Antonio Copete at Harvard U <>
A. Copete, J. Grindlay, B. Allen, J. Hong (Harvard)
S. Barthelmy, C. Markwardt, N. Gehrels (GSFC)

We report the detection by the BAT Slew Survey (BATSS) of a burst in  
the slew that started at 11:13:02 UT, at the position:
  RA (J2000): 17h 26m 42s
  Dec(J2000): -53d 11' 20"
with an uncertainty of 2.6 arcmin (90% confidence). This position is  
the weighted average of independent 8.7 sigma and 7.6 sigma detections  
made in the 15-50keV and 50-150keV energy bands, respectively.  
Preliminary lightcurve analysis shows a main peak in both energy bands  
at T+8sec (223384448s MET).

BATSS pipeline processing is in the final stages of development  
following our first preliminary tests, which discovered GRB070326
(GCN# 6653). Full BATSS results will begin to be available soon from a  
website to be announced.
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