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GCN Circular 7258

INT+WFC R-band observations of GRB 080205
2008-02-06T03:12:46Z (16 years ago)
Evert Rol at U.Leicester <>
E. Rol (U. of Leicester) and J. Anderson (LJMU) report for a larger

We observed the position of GRB 080205 with the Isaac Newton Telescope 
equipped with the Wide Field Camera at Roque de Los Muchachos. 
Observations were carried out in R-band, for 30 minutes starting at 23:05 

We detect the afterglow with a magnitude of R = 23.50 +/- 0.11; our
photometry is calibrated to several USNO B1.0 R2 magnitudes.

Compared with the early (unfiltered) 17.0 magnitude KAIT measurement
(Li et al., GCN 7251), this indicates a slightly shallower powerlaw
decay than the initial -1.6 (Li et al, GCN 7254), suggestive of
underlying contamination by a host galaxy. At the source position,
however, there is no clear evidence for extended emission.
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