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GCN Circular 727

GRB000615: H-band observations
2000-06-21T17:40:34Z (24 years ago)
Eliana Palazzi at Inst. Te.S.R.E. Bologna <>
E. Pian, N. Masetti, E. Palazzi, F. Frontera (ITESRE, CNR, Bologna),
 F. Ghinassi, J. Licandro (TNG, La Palma) and G. Gandolfi (IAS, CNR,
 Rome), on behalf of a larger collaboration, report: 
 "Infrared H-band images of the refined error box of GRB000615
 (Gandolfi et al., GCN #705), were acquired on June 15.968, 16.2083
 and 16.927 UT at the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG) plus ARNICA
 (ARcetri Near Infrared CAmera) in La Palma (Canary Island, Spain),
 with total on-source times of 5 min for the first two observations 
 and 10 min for the third. Seeing was 1 arcsec in the three epochs.
 Photometric calibration was performed using standard stars AS30-0 
 (Hunt et al., 1998, AJ 115, 2594).
 The comparison among the three sets, as well as between the sum 
 of the images of the first two epochs with the observation obtained
 on the third epoch (acquired on the following night) does not show any
 object with significant brightness variations (at 3-sigma significance)
 down to H ~ 20.5 .
 The object reported by Klose et al. (GCN #713) is well detected in
 our three sets of images with no variations from a measured magnitude 
 H = 19.6 +-0.3." 
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