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GCN Circular 7308

VLA radio upper limit on GRB 080212
2008-02-13T14:10:29Z (16 years ago)
Poonam Chandra at U Virginia/NRAO <>
Poonam Chandra (NRAO/UVA) and Dale A. Frail (NRAO) report on
behalf of the Caltech-NRAO-Carnegie GRB Collaboration:

"We used the Very Large Array to observe the field of view toward
GRB 080212 (GCN 7296) at a frequency of 8.46 GHz on 2008 February
13.53 UT. The radio afterglow of the GRB is undetected at the
Swift-XRT position (GCN 7300) or optical afterglow position (GCN 7303).
The peak flux density at the afterglow position is 83 +/- 51 uJy.

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