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GCN Circular 7352

GRB 080303
2008-03-03T11:01:48Z (16 years ago)
Alan Gilmore at U of Canterbury,Mt John Obs <>
A.C. Gilmore and P.M. Kilmartin (University of Canterbury's Mt John Observatory 

We observed a fading source inside the XRT error box at coordinates (2000.0) 
R.A. = 07:28:14.10
Dec.: -70:14:01.4
Uncertainty ~0.5" in poor seeing.

Unfiltered R magnitudes from comparison with USNO A2.0 stars
 U.T.   R
09:28  18.1
09:40  18.5
09:48  19.0
10:02  19.2
10:13  19.4
10:28  19.9 

Observations with Mt John's 1.0-metre f/8 McLellan reflector.

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