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GCN Circular 7371

GRB 080307: TNT optical observation
2008-03-07T16:49:51Z (16 years ago)
W.K. Zheng at NAOC <>
L.P. Xin, X.M. Meng, M. Zhai, J.S. Deng,
Y.L. Qiu, J.Y. Wei, J.Y. Hu, J. Wang, W.K. Zheng
Y. Urata, M. Im, I. Lee, K.Y. Huang, Y.
on behalf of EAFON report:

We have imaged the field of GRB080307 (Holland et al., GCN 7362) 
using the TNT 0.8 telescope at Xinglong observatory under good
condition. A set of White and R band images were obtained.
Preliminary result shows we margianally detected the afterglow
candidate (Tanvir, GCN 7369) in our combined images. By performing
PSF photometry, we have the following magnitude calibrated to the
USNO B1.0 R2 mag:

T_mid(min)  Mag    Band  Exp   Merr
15.71       20.9   W    10*20s  0.3
24.50       21.3   R    10*60s  0.3
70.28       22.1   R    8*300s  0.3

The source faded during our observation epoch, we confirm this
is the afterglow of GRB 080307.

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