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GCN Circular 738

GRB000630, Radio Observations
2000-07-01T03:13:42Z (24 years ago)
Edo Berger at Caltech <>
E. Berger (Caltech) and D. A. Frail (NRAO) report on behalf of a larger

"On July 1.04 UT we used the VLA at 4.86 GHz to observe the IPN error
region of GRB000630 (GCN 736).  Inside the error region we find one bright
radio source, which is not present in either the NRAO VLA Sky Survey
(NVSS) or the Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-cm (FIRST) survey
(note that both these surveys are at 1.43 GHz).  The position of the
source is RA=14 46 58.8, DEC=41 16 59.0 with a conservative error of 1".  
A limit of 0.1 mJy can be placed on the absence of a radio source at the
position of the optical source reported by Bartolini et al. (GCN 737).  
Further observations are planned."

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