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GCN Circular 7491

GRB 080320: J detection with FLAMINGOS
2008-03-20T21:08:10Z (16 years ago)
Adria C. Updike at Clemson U <>
Adria C. Updike, Brian C. Donehew, Ian Oliver, and Dieter H. Hartmann
(Clemson University) report:

We used the Kitt Peak 2.1m telescope and the FLAMINGOS instrument in NIR
imaging mode to obtain J-band exposures of the field of GRB 080320 (GCN
7473, Grupe et al.). In 80 minutes of stacked exposures, we marginally
detect the
afterglow (GCN 7488, Tanvir et al.) at J ~ 20 (using a 2MASS comparison
star located at RA=11:50:47.4, Dec=+57:10:07.41).  The midtime of the
stacked exposures was ~3 hours after the trigger.  Further analysis is

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