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GCN Circular 7542

GRB 080330A: PAIRITEL Infrared Detections
2008-03-30T05:22:44Z (16 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley) and D. L. Starr (UCB; LCOGT) report:

"We began observing the field of GRB 080330A (Mao et al. GCN 7537) at  
2008-03-30 03:53:24.8 UT with PAIRITEL. In a stack of the first 33  
frames (each 7.8 sec) exposures, consistent with the BAT/XRT/UVOT  
(7537, also Burrows et al. GCN 7541) and groundbased position (7536,  
7539, 7538), we find a point source in JHKs bands. The preliminary  
photometry yields:

# t (MJD)       terr (day)      filt     mag     merr
54555.164606    0.001499        h       15.33       0.04
54555.164606    0.001499        k       14.59       0.04
54555.164606    0.001499        j        16.00       0.04

We find a position relative to 2MASS of (700 mas rms uncertainty):
     ra = 11:17:04.496  dec = +30:37:23.53 J2000

Observations are ongoing."
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