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GCN Circular 7546

GRB080330: LOAO R-band Detection
2008-03-30T12:06:18Z (16 years ago)
Myungshin Im at Seoul Nat U <>
M. Im, I. Lee (Seoul National Univ.), Y. Urata (Saitama U/ASIAA),
J.W. Lee, J. Yoon, S.-L. Kim, C.-U. Lee (KASI), on behalf of EAFON team.

   We took R-band images of GRB080330 (Hao et al. GCN 7537)
  using the 1.0m telescope at Mt. Lemmon (Arizona, US)
  operated by the Korea Astronomy Space Science Institute.
   The R-band imaging started at March 30, 06:57:55.1 UT
  (3:15:56 after the burst).

    We clearly detect the afterglow at the location reported by
  Schaefer et al. (GCN 7538).

      Start time         Mid-point                Rmag
      06:57:55.1         07:11:50.4           19.63 +- 0.05
  (3hr15m after burst) (3hr30m after burst)

  The magnitude is calibrated with a GSC2.2 star at
  (11:16:56.54, +30:37:51.4).
  The afterglow faded by more than 2 magnitudes since the
  detections shoftly after the burst (GCN 7536, 7538, 7543).

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