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GCN Circular 7613

IBAS Alert n. 5257 : not a GRB
2008-04-14T13:24:13Z (16 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF/CNR <>
D.Gotz (CEA-Saclay), S.Mereghetti (INAF - IASF Milano), and M. Turler 
(ISDC Versoix) on behalf of the IBAS localization team communicate

the IBAS Alert n. 5257 is not due to a GRB.  The alert was due to the 
known X-ray source IGR J17473-2721 (Baldovin Saavedra et al. 2008, Astr. 
Telegram n.1468).
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