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GCN Circular 7616

GRB 080413A: Gemini-South Spectroscopy
2008-04-14T17:27:38Z (16 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at PSU <>
A. Cucchiara and D. B. Fox (Penn State) with S. B. Cenko (Caltech),
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"Starting on 2008 April 13.27 UT we observed GRB 080413A (GCN 7593 and
7594) with the GMOS spectrograph on the Gemini South telescope. We
obtained 2x1200-sec spectra in the wavelength range 3900-8000A. The
resolution of our spectrum is 5.2 Ang/pixel (R ~1200 at 6000A). We
clearly observe several metal absorption features corresponding to the
SiIV (1393,1402 A), CIV (1548, 1550A), SiII (1526A), and AlII (1670A)
transitions.  A Lyman break is also present at the blue edge of our
spectra (~ 4170A).  These identifications are consistent with a host
galaxy redshift of z = 2.43, confirming the result reported from VLT
observations by Thoene et al.(GCN 7602)."
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