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GCN Circular 7664

GRB 080411: Continued Swift Monitoring
2008-05-02T21:04:17Z (16 years ago)
Frank Marshall at GSFC <>
F.E. Marshall (NASA/GSFC), O. Godet (U. Leicester) and S.R. Oates (MSSL-UCL)
report on behalf of the Swift team:

The XRT and UVOT instruments on Swift continue to detect GRB 080411 
19 days after the BAT trigger (Marshall et al., GCN Circ. 7584). 
The X-ray light curve shows a broken power-law behaviour with 
breaks at about T+8 ks and T+240 ks and additional short-term features
at late times. Since the latter break,
the decay index has been 1.54 +/- 0.12, and the 0.6-10 keV flux
at T+1600 ks was 1.3 x 10^-13 ergs/s/cm^2.
The optical light curve also shows a similar broken power-law behaviour.
At T+1600 ks the magnitude (uncorrected for Galactic extinction)
in the broad-band white filter was 22.7 +/- 0.2 using the UVOT 
photometric system (Poole et al. MNRAS 383, 627 (2008)). Recently the 
decay index has been 1.30 +/- 0.03.

Additional Swift observations of GRB 080411 are planned.
Since the optical afterglow is approaching the sensitivity
limit for UVOT, ground-based observations are encouraged.

Please contact the Swift Burst Advocate for this burst
at marshall AT if you desire
additional information regarding the Swift followup
of this burst.
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