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GCN Circular 774

GRB000812, TNG R-band observations
2000-08-17T17:28:25Z (24 years ago)
Nicola Masetti at ITeSRE,CNR,Bologna <>
N. Masetti, E. Palazzi (ITESRE, CNR, Bologna), E. Pian (OATs, Trieste), 
R. Cosentino, F. Ghinassi, A. Magazzu', S. Benetti, (TNG), on behalf 
of a larger collaboration, report:

"We acquired optical R-band images of the central part of the GRB000812
error box (Hurley et al., GCN #770) on 2000 August 16.961 UT with
TNG+Dolores for a total exposure time of 30 minutes. Seeing was 1.1 arcsec.
The pointing was centered on the uncatalogued radio source found by Frail
et al. (GCN #771).
The observations were heavily hampered by the full moon and by a 8th
magnitude star located ~40 arcsec from the radio position; nevertheless,
they were considerably deeper than the DSS-II.

Photometric calibration was performed using USNO-A2.0 catalog stars.
No new object brighter than the DSS-II limit is apparent all over the
image. Also, no object down to a 3-sigma limiting magnitude R ~ 23 
is present inside the radio source error box.".

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