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GCN Circular 7743

GRB080517: Liverpool Telescope Optical Observations
2008-05-17T23:09:10Z (16 years ago)
James Smith at ARI,Liverpool John Moors U <>
R.J. Smith (Liverpool JMU), A. Gomboc (Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia),
A. Melandri, C. Guidorzi, M. Burgdorf, C.G. Mundell, I.A. Steele, D. 
Carter, A. Monfardini, C.J. Mottram, S. Kobayashi, D. Bersier (Liverpool 
JMU) report:

The 2-m Liverpool Telescope started observing the field of GRB 080517 
(Parsons et al. GCN 7742) at 3 min after the trigger time.

No optical transient has been located in our images to the following 
magnitude limits:

Filter      t_mid (min from GRB)    Exp (s)       Lim
R             16.08                  120          19.6
I             18.93                  120          19.2
Magnitudes were calibrated vs the USNOB1 catalogue.

In particular, comparison with Digitized Sky Survey images shows no 
obvious additional optical source in the vicinity of the known, 
moderately bright object noted to be within the XRT error circle.

Observations stopped one hour after the burst time. No further 
observations are currently planned.
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