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GCN Circular 7793

GRB080603: Super-LOTIS detection of Optical Counterpart
2008-06-03T19:58:42Z (16 years ago)
Peter A. Milne at Super-LOTIS <>
P.A. Milne (U Arizona) and A. Updike (Clemson U) report on behalf of the
Super-LOTIS team:

The 0.6m Super-LOTIS telescope began R-band observations of the error
region of GRB080603 at 11:19:04 UT.  The OT detected by Gomboc et al.
(GCN 7788) and Chornock et al. (GCN 7789) is not
apparent in the initial images, but is clearly visible in
subsequent images. Using a stack of 10 x 60sec images obtained between
11:22:44 -> 11:33:46, we estimate the magnitude of the source to be
R=19.3 +/- 0.3.

We used the USNO-B star at RA=18:37:55, Dec=+62:44:32 to derive the
R2 magnitude.

Analysis continues to better characterize the rise of the emission from
the OT.

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